What does your assessment framework consist of?

There are essentially 3 packages to choose from. Our value proposition is assisting companies with assessing their pre-hire candidates through a custom assessment that is produced by our industry "expert" in the field of hire. The companies will provide us a detailed job description, KPIs & goals for the role and example projects that the hire will be working on. From here, we brief our expert and they will create specific assessments according to that. The assessments are broken down into 3 stages and then once completed by the candidates, the expert will provide a recommendation and results deck to the companies that summarises the key skills of each candidate.

Stage 1:
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) & short answer questions - these are are series of assessment questions that are technical in nature to assess the theoretical skills of the potential employee

Stage 2:
Virtual environment & Practical testing - the assessment is set according to what the projects that the hire will be working on. This is to throw the potential candidate into a practical environment to assess their skills within an application environment

Stage 3:
Pre-recorded video interview - a series of behavioural and technical questions are being asked and the candidates will need to answer these questions being filmed by their webcam in a video interview environment. This stage of the assessment is to assess the potential candidate's ability to communicate and conceptualise answers. Both of which are key skills in being an effective employee and technical SME

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